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Why bother securing local and regional media coverage?

Never has the ability to access the latest news been so easy. A quick google search, a switching of the channels, or a scroll through social media and you’ll soon find yourself inundated with an endless cycle of breaking stories. This has only been heightened by the coronavirus pandemic and the sheer number of social, […]

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Building Back Better: Transformation in a time of crisis

The global COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves through society and the economy as the biggest crisis we’ve been through since the second world war. The arts, charities and social enterprises which High-Rise provides communications support to, are struggling. These bodies contribute to stronger communities, but many have had to furlough staff and are now wondering […]

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The People’s Powerhouse tells us about the importance of local communities

At High-Rise, we’ve seen the amazing work people and organisations are doing during the COVID-19 pandemic to help the communities suffering most. The world has been turned upside down, but it’s been a chance to look back on how we had been going so wrong as a society – and to build back better. Through […]

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The Cummings debacle: Is there a communications bright side?

The media is ablaze right now with what the Government has got wrong with its handling of public health messaging just when it mattered most. I’ve been asked for my opinion on what could have happened differently, with comments appearing in PR Week, Campaign Live and Tech Register. A swift apology from Dominic Cummings would […]

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Not all media coverage is created equal

Get media coverage in the wrong publications and you might as well be shouting into a void. Yes, it might give you and your organisation an ego boost, but really for the time and money you have invested you want a bit more from it than that. In fact, any PR agency that doesn’t ask […]

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