Top Tips for Getting an Event To Trend Nationally on Twitter - How we got the People's Powerhouse Confrence to Trend at #3 in the U.K.

25 July 2017
Top Tips for Getting an Event To Trend Nationally on Twitter - How we got the People's Powerhouse Confrence to Trend at #3 in the U.K.
25 July 2017
Luke Sharma

We offered media support to the hugely successful People’s Powerhouse conference that took place on Wednesday 12th July 2017.

As a part of this media support, we were tasked with putting together and executing a social media plan for the conference. Not to sound big-headed, but we did pretty well with it. Our organic hashtag #peoplespowerhouse trending at number 3 in the U.K. on the day of the event – only behind the weekly “#wednesdaywisdom” and “#PMQ” (we made short work of “#cowsongs”). We did this using these 3 top tips for getting something to trend.

Top Tip 1: Social Media Momentum!

First of all, we spent a long time preparing for the day. Getting an event’s hashtag trending country-wide on Twitter isn’t an overnight thing. Every single day since we opened the People's Powerhouse account (@peoplespowerhse) in February, we worked hard to make sure that the People’s Powerhouse had a social media presence, and that social media presence was always pushing #peoplespowerhouse. By doing this, people who kept up with People’s Powerhouse on Twitter knew the drill for the day, and there was already some momentum behind the hashtag.

Top Tip 2: Social Media Engagement is Key

Next, during our tweets before the event (and the day of) we were tagging people, and directly engaging them. You could have the best tweet in the world, but you might not get any sort of engagement unless you nudge other users in the right direction. We directly spoke to sponsors, delegates, speakers – everyone involved (specifically those with high Klout scores*). By doing this, we had already primed a base of people who were attending, and this encouraged them to tweet on the day (this led to us getting 171,000 impressions on the hashtag on the day, from an account that had 660 followers at the time).

Tip 3: Practice, Practice, Practice

Last, but definitely not least - with Twitter there’s always an element of luck. However, as Gary Player said, “The more I practice, the luckier I get” – you don’t get lucky on Twitter without having some idea of how to optimise your hashtags! One of the reasons that we got this trending at #3 in the U.K. was due to our experience in handling social media, and knowing how to craft tweets in a way that people will engage.

Social media management is vital to any business these days - so following these top tips for Twitter can be really useful. Getting your conference or event trending on Twitter is basically "Free Marketing" to 16.4 million users in the U.K.

*A Klout score is a measure of the influencing power of a social media account.

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