Groundbreaking day celebrating St Ann’s Hospice’s soon-to-be new building!

About the day

Last month we joined our client St Ann’s in celebration as they put the first spade in the ground to build their new hospice in Heald Green! St Ann’s CEO, Rachel McMillan recounted their journey alongside project managers and architects presenting the thrilling development plans:

“I work with amazing people every single day, and I know what this new build means for patient and staff to have the best environment for St Ann’s Hospice. We want to carry on the pioneering vision of our founders and make them proud. The building has served us well for 52 years but we are in desperate need of a new one now to get us through the next 50 years.”

The day marked a joyous occasion, commemorating the official unveiling of the new land to the community. With an additional significant achievement in fundraising. Thanks to the generosity of the public, the Build it Together Appeal has now raised £900,000!

Our involvement

We started working with St Ann’s Hospice last year, organising the launch of the Build It Together Appeal and since working on many of their campaigns and communications needs. We’re proud to have supported the hospice with their latest event, providing media and communications support before and on the day.

We interviewed stakeholders, trustees, patients and those taking part in the new build such as architects who spoke about the importance of the hospice and what they’re looking forward to.

You can watch the video of the day here.

About the appeal

Founded by Maya Cole in Heald Green in 1971, St Ann’s Hospice remains a vital part of Greater Manchester’s healthcare. Collaborating closely with healthcare groups, it provides essential end-of-life care, alleviating pressure on hospitals and ensuring dignified comfort for patients.

However, its aged infrastructure, narrow corridors, limited dementia-friendly amenities, and clustered patient wards—presents challenges. Maintenance costs strain funds earmarked for patient care, highlighting the urgency for change.

The new purpose-built hospice will replace the current Victorian building, with construction set to start in January. And will be located on land next door to the current Heald Green hospice on St Ann’s Road North.

However, fundraising for the Build it Together Appeal continues, and St Ann’s still needs your support to bring this project to life. To find out more about the project and how you can donate visit St Ann’s page here.