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Communications Strategy

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Working with High-Rise to develop a communications strategy will help ensure that you are engaging with your target audiences effectively and not wasting valuable time and resource broadcasting information that is not being acted on.

Before setting up High-Rise Communications, Managing Director Helen Furnivall’s previous roles include the post of Head of Corporate Strategy Development at the British Red Cross. This experience helps ensure that in all our work for clients High-Rise brings a focused, strategic approach to communications planning, working effectively with your team to align operational targets to communications plans.

What is a communications strategy and do I really need one?

You don’t have to be a huge organisation for it to be worth having a communications strategy aligned to your company’s goals and objectives. A comms strategy can be as straightforward as you want to make it – but is useful to make sure you prioritise where you spend your valuable time and budget; helping ensure your staff and suppliers are focused on the communications activities that will make the biggest difference for your organisation. 

There are no rights and wrongs about choosing a communications strategy template to use, or what a communications strategy should look like. In our experience, the most important thing is not what your comms strategy looks like, but how often it is referred to. For this reason, it can often be helpful to produce a simple document that your people can quickly refer to and can easily understand. We have many communications strategy templates and examples we can share so you can see what format might work best for you. What’s vital however is that your communications strategy is not just aspirational – but includes some clear goals, objectives and KPIs – with progress regularly monitored and reported against.

Communications strategy case studies

The Manchester Men’s Room

We worked with Manchester charity The Men’s Room on their communications strategy. The charity works with male sex workers and marginalised young men in Manchester. The Men’s Room is unique in terms of the clients it works with, and also the support it provides so one of the most important things the charity needed to consider was its messaging so that staff and volunteers are able to clearly articulate who it helped, why and also so it had agreed position statements on key issues such as homelessness and decriminalisation of sex work.

We identified that The Men’s Room could work in partnership with others to amplify its messages and increase its impact. A video was produced with the People’s Powerhouse movement for the Mayor of Greater Manchester’s annual fundraising ball showing how by working together they both hoped to help create positive changes for people experiencing homelessness.

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For more on our communications strategy support contact Managing Director Helen Furnivall [email protected] 07921 021 326


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