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Welcoming new Digital Intern, hello Lily!

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It is an absolute pleasure to introduce myself as part of the High-Rise Communications team, and I’m enjoying immersing myself in inclusive growth schemes in the North. The wide berth of community projects taking place in the North have unfurled in a flurry of creativity since I started a digital internship with High-Rise Communications – not to say that they did not exist until now, just that I’ve finally become aware of them! From NHS schemes that promote co-production and the inclusion of patients to deliver services, to education programmes that specialise in keeping children in schools in Doncaster with the highest rates of exclusion. It has also been fascinating exploring the People’s Powerhouse, a client of High-Rise.

Looking into the People’s Powerhouse has given me the opportunity to delve into researching projects taking place in Manchester and the North in general, which support community growth through collaboration and innovation. Reaching out to initiatives like Northern Soul (community based interests and Big Picture Learning (helping kids stay in school for longer as well as countless others has been invigorating and inspiring! 

I particularly feel fortunate that my new boss (sounds very formal – Helen defies any negative connotations of the word ‘boss’) has a long-standing history of working in the third sector and supporting the digital development of third sector services. Charities and NGOs in the third sector are often far removed from the digital landscape which all businesses are investing in to broaden their social platform. It is becoming increasingly important for any organisation to be easily accessible online, but specifically for the third sector; to attract younger audiences, to avoid reliance on archaic methods of recruiting volunteers, and to engage with current supporters in more creative ways.

Helen and I share an interest in increasing the sector’s digital knowledge and expertise. High-Rise provides strategic support and other services for a suitable budget to increase charity brand awareness. With a background in charity fundraising, some friends and I were also aware of the deficit of charity online reach. I had began volunteering for a homeless charity, Barnabus, in my last year of University, but only after the opportunity landed in my lap. I realised the huge potential for other students desiring a ‘fast-track’ into volunteering, and wanted to facilitate students to having a positive contribution to this city. Off the back of this, I met some incredible people and co-founded a campaign called Love for the Streets, which you can read more about in another blog post! Thanks again to High-Rise and the People’s Powerhouse!


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