Changing the world starts with our own communities

We are High-Rise; PR and media-strategists, content creators and campaigners with a northern accent

We believe in the power of communications to change the world and that starts with our own communities. That’s why we’re proud to be working for B Corp status.

Our friendly expert team offers straight-up, strategic, yet practical, communications advice for purposeful organisations looking to build stronger communities and strengthen their reputation.

We’re trusted advisors across different sectors and regions, from start-ups to established brands.

We’re independent, so you can reply on our down-to-earth approach and honest counsel. We embrace the new, while also knowing what works.

We’re specialists: The right content in the right place and time, meaning you’ll get talked about for all the right reasons.

  • Our values

    Our values don’t just sit on a shelf – or a web page – gathering dust.
    They inform our work every day.

    We are compassionate
    We are energetic
    We are strategic
    We are creative
    We are relevant

    We are High-Rise

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