Barbara in a light grey Adidas hoodie stood in a field
Public relations and media

Featuring our client in adidas’ advertising campaign

St Ann’s Hospice

Leveraging Barbara’s Inspiring Story

Working with Adidas on their international advertising campaign presented a unique opportunity for us. This was rooted in our ongoing collaboration with St Ann’s Hospice.

We had been providing hospice PR to secure national media coverage, which led to Adidas reaching out to us for their latest campaign.

The challenge was to leverage Barbara Thackray’s inspiring story and achievements to effectively align with Adidas’ ‘impossible is nothing’ message, ensuring it resonated globally.

Our comprehensive media and campaign strategy

We highlighted Barbara Thackray, an 85-year-old grandmother who had been supporting St Ann’s Hospice for over a decade. Barbara has raisied nearly £20,000 in honour of her late sister. Barbara’s passion for running and fundraising made her an ideal candidate for Adidas’ campaign.

We built Barbara’s profile through extensive media coverage. Starting in September 2022, we arranged for Barbara to be interviewed by BBC North West Tonight during her participation in the Altrincham 10k, where she was the fastest in her age category.

This coverage extended to BBC Online and other platforms, securing 19 pieces of media coverage with an estimated reach of 5.98 million views and 170,000 engagements.

Upon being contacted by Adidas, we facilitated Barbara’s participation in their ‘impossible is nothing’ campaign. This involved organising her involvement in a new advert alongside high-profile athletes like Mo Salah and Khadija Hegazy.

Following the success of the Adidas campaign, we continued to secure coverage for Barbara’s subsequent achievements, including her personal best in the Trafford 10k on her 85th birthday. This included a live interview on BBC North West Tonight, further raising her profile and the hospice’s visibility.

Boosting St Ann’s awareness

The national and international media coverage significantly boosted St Ann’s Hospice’s visibility and donations. The Adidas advert alone garnered 997,000 views, promoting the message that running requires nothing but oneself.

Barbara’s story and the extensive media coverage reinforced the hospice’s reputation as a compassionate and supportive organisation. Her advocacy and inspirational story highlighted the importance of hospice care, attracting more local support and donations.

Barbara’s involvement in the Adidas campaign and subsequent media coverage led to increased community engagement and recognition. Her achievements in local races and interviews brought attention to the hospice’s ongoing needs, particularly the Build It Together campaign, which she now fronts.

Barbara’s passionate advocacy for hospices and the quality of end-of-life care has resonated with many, emphasising the critical role of hospices in providing dignified and compassionate care. Her story continues to inspire others to support St Ann’s Hospice, ensuring its services can reach more patients in need.

To find out more about the media and communications support we provide to hospice’s, please see here.

Sophie, our Account Manager, Barbara, and Lucy, St Ann’s Hospice’s Fundraising Manager at the Adidas photoshoot
Barbara with her family before completing the Trafford 10k on her 85th birthday in March
Barbara on the BBC sofa being interviewed by Roger Johnson for BBC North West Tonight
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