12 things I’ve learnt in the 12 months I’ve worked for High-Rise

To celebrate my first year working at High-Rise I’ve compiled the top 12 things I’ve learnt that that I wish I knew when I started. For those beginning their career at a PR and communications agency, or about to start their first job out of university like me, these are my top tips for success in your first year!

1. Building relationships is more important than you think

I never would’ve thought that in the last year I’d meet so many people. Stretching from all the teams of people who work for our clients to journalists across the globe. Staying connected with those I have the opportunity to work with is vital in building those relationships further.

2. Real life stories make for very strong pieces

I really enjoy working with our charity and hospice clients that have large groups of dedicated supporters who are constantly taking part in incredible fundraising. There are always lots of amazing people embarking on remarkable escapades to raise money and awareness. I feel so lucky to meet them and write about them.

3. Your team makes or breaks your working environment

We have a really strong team of people at High-Rise and it makes work a great place to be! A good team doesn’t have to have lots of people, it just needs to have communication across the whole team and hard working people in it. Each member of our team is valued and can speak freely about ideas they have. I’m glad to be in such a welcoming environment.

4. Manchester businesses and charities

Although I went to the University of Manchester for three years, I was very unaware of the small businesses and charities that do such amazing work in and around the city. Working for a communications agency which is so central to Manchester, I’ve been able to meet so many people who are making a difference to our part of the North. It has been a great introduction into how powerful the work that’s happening here is!

5. Each client needs their own focus and has different needs to be met

It became apparent to me very quickly that even if there are clients in similar fields, that doesn’t mean they are working to have the same outcomes. Understanding what the client wants from our communications and PR support is vital to make sure they’re achieving their own goals.

6. You’ll always be thinking on your feet!

Problem solving is everything! I’ve learned massively from getting stuck in with my team in a campaign or project and having to think on my feet. Often the most creative ideas have come from our team when brainstorming ideas together that are needed urgently.

7. Don’t be afraid of being thrown into the deep end

When I first started at High-Rise I had very little confidence in my abilities as I hadn’t worked specifically in the PR industry before. It felt very daunting to learn lots of new processes and ways of writing. But, looking back, it was the best way I could’ve learnt and my team definitely knew that! I’m glad to have been supported when I needed to be. But, also left to my own devices to make mistakes and learn from them.

8. Being open to learn from those around you is crucial for success

Each individual person in the High-Rise team has vast experience of working in many sectors and lots of different clients, each bringing unique things to the table! Listening to experiences of my colleagues who have dealt with a similar problem in the past or worked on a similar campaign has helped me massively. Being open and asking questions to the team as a whole is something we all do often. It’s a great way of seeing how you could work differently or more effectively.

9. Always say yes!

You don’t know what each opportunity will lead on to so never disregard a chance to try something new at your communications agency! I’ve learnt so much from helping out my colleagues on different projects. It might be hard work but it will always be rewarding when you achieve something you never knew you would.

10. PR covers far more than I ever expected

There are so many different strands and avenues that PR can lead to from award entry-writing, social media to helping with advertising and designing. I’ve had the chance to work with many different people doing very fun and interesting things which I’m very grateful for.

11. Working with a purpose in mind keeps you motivated

I’m glad that High-Rise Communications always takes on purposeful clients who have a specific mission they are working towards. I always feel like I’ve accomplished something positive for our clients as they are striving to work with purpose too, which keeps me motivated and pleased to work for our communications agency.

12. Not everything goes to plan and that’s ok!

You can be as organised as possible and then everything changes – that is totally normal! PR is not a linear or particularly consistent industry, it really does change every day! Understanding that you can’t control everything has helped me realise I can be as organised as possible and still need to think on my feet and be prepared for anything to happen!

I’ve learnt more than I ever thought I would in my first year after university, and I’m so grateful for that! Even though imposter syndrome can take over when you start working somewhere new, you still deserve to be part of important conversations within your team and with clients.

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