Happy International Women’s Day!

Each of our team has thought about what International Women’s Day means to them and why we’re celebrating the day. Take a look at our thoughts below:


Happy International Women’s Day!

I’ve met and learnt about so many inspiring women throughout my time working with charities at High-Rise. But right now, I’d like to celebrate my female colleagues who truly make every day at work such a joy! Every person in the team constantly works their hardest because it’s clear they love what they do. It’s infectious! I knew from my first day at High-Rise that I had struck gold and had found a nurturing, compassionate, and hilarious team.

I love my job in so many ways, but the people truly make it. I’m not sure if you have heard the analogy of radiators and drains, to put it simply there are some people in your life who are drains, they suck your energy, and you feel tired after being around them. And then there are the people who are radiators, who make you feel energised when you’re around them. My team are definitely radiators. 

We’ve just come back from a lovely lunch and I’m looking forward to attending an International Women’s Day event with our youth charity client GMYN this afternoon!


This is my second time celebrating International Women’s Day with the High-Rise team and currently we’re an all-woman team so it’s even more of a celebration than usual!

There are so many incredible women that we get to work with every day, including those at St Ann’s Hospice. I work closely with the communications and fundraising teams who are brilliant at promoting and sharing the support that their charity gives to so many in the community.

I’m taking on the Great Manchester Run half-marathon in May to raise much-needed funds for the hospice and to show my appreciation for the amazing women there that I get to work with. Please sponsor me if you can to help support everyone who works at the hospice and the patients and families they care so dearly for.


Just in time for International Women’s Day, we have started working with national charity Local Trust, who have many Big Local communities across the UK that are chaired by inspiring women!

This week I have been hearing a number of amazing stories of women leading their local communities and running initiatives – such as café mornings for parents with children with ASD, gardening communities that aim to improve people’s physical and mental wellbeing and free community self-defence classes for women and girls!


At the moment we’re an all-women team at High-Rise Communications so we’re making the most of it by going out for lunch together and having an all–female Friday playlist. 

It’s been inspiring to see how in recent years International Women’s Day has moved to being quite a niche day in the calendar, to being much more widely celebrated and enjoyed. And l’ll also be celebrating with my lovely Italian teacher Amadea when I have my lesson later. She tells me that in Italy International Women’s Day is a really big deal. It’s called La Festa della Donna and women are given and give each other mimosa flowers as a gesture of solidarity. What a lovely idea!

Check out our Spotify playlist here to listen to our favourite all-female tunes!