Introducing our Senior Account Executive, Emily!

Hi! My name is Emily and I’m the new Senior Account Executive at High-Rise Communications! I have been working in PR and marketing just over two years now and I’m excited for this new challenge! 

Before becoming intrigued by a career in PR, I first studied English at The University of Nottingham. I achieved a first-class degree as well as an extra accredited Nottingham Advantage Award for various volunteering and mentoring roles throughout my time there. 

Stuck initially between studying English and Maths (very glad I came to my senses!), my time in Nottingham was filled with a wide variety of learning. It wasn’t all being spent in the library attempting to finish Paradise Lost in a week! From reading Old English, to learning the psychology behind language learning, I studied topics spanning centuries, countries and languages. My passion for writing essays led me to consider careers in which writing was a mainstay – and, contrary to popular belief, my English degree did land me a job afterwards!

What I will bring to the team…

I have previous experience writing a wide range of PR pieces: press and news releases, editorial, thought-leadership articles, blogs, case studies, information guides, social media posts, CPDs as well as internal comms such as brand guidelines, with a focus on construction PR. 

And whilst I never thought after an English degree I’d be having a refresh of GCSE Physics in my day-to-day role, I enjoyed making such technical and high-level subjects digestible and making an impact for our clients. This also gave me an in depth understanding of the ever-changing building regulations, sustainability, energy efficiency, health and wellbeing in the construction sector which I am excited to use with our PR clients.

I always knew I wanted to work for companies that pride themselves on ethical practices and try to make a real, resounding impact. Just a glance at High-Rise’s website shows how central this is. And having done some volunteering work in local schools at university, and a summer spent volunteering at Scope, I’m also excited by the numerous charities and not-for-profits that High-Rise can count as PR clients.

A little bit about me

After university, I moved back home to Manchester, realising no other city could compete with the amount of places to eat and drink within a one-mile radius! I love spending my evenings and weekends working my way through the foodie scene in Manchester, going to the gym, getting through all the books I need to read and watching First Dates with my housemates.

To find out more about the work I’ll be getting up to, make sure you’re following our social media channels, and see our news page here