PR agency predictions for 2023

Manchester PR Agency weighs in on industry trends for 2023

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2022 has been another weird year for our industry. Elon Musk bought Twitter, politicians continued to prove the value of a good PR team (or a bad one) and new social media apps and sites launched – such as Mastodon and BeReal. 

Now 2023 has kicked off and February is almost upon us, we’ve outlined below three predictions that every PR agency will see in the year ahead…

1) Public figures will continue being out of touch

Celebrities put their foot in it repeatedly in 2023. Boris Johnson told Brits to save on energy bills by buying a new kettle. A TikTok of Kim Kardashian telling people to ‘get their a** up and work’ went viral. And, a dystopian-esque competition on This Morning gave people the chance to win money towards their rising energy bills. 

Prominent figures and brands often mean well in their approach to issues such as the cost-of-living crisis. But that doesn’t change the effect this has on those watching – who are rightfully infuriated by this lack of self-awareness. 

The only way for brands and celebrities to remain grounded is by investing their time listening to the needs of the general public, rather than guessing them. And as conditions in the UK and beyond seemingly worsen, we’re likely to see more moments like this in 2023. 

2) Being inclusive will be at the forefront of every brand’s agenda

In recent years, businesses have begun to recognise the diversity of the customers buying their service or product. Because of this, they have made an effort to appeal specifically to them. 

Research shows that 57% of consumers are more loyal to brands that commit to addressing social inequalities in their actions*. So, it’s no wonder brands are striving to be more inclusive. 

What’s more, when respondents of Gen Z voted in a survey, 94% of the generation said they expected companies to take a stand on important social issues*. With Gen Z being future consumers, businesses are likely to take their views seriously now more than ever before. There is a real need to adjust their brand to fit in with this new demographic’s needs. 

3) Consumers seek authenticity

If brands want to gain a loyal audience that rely on their products and services, then they need to present themselves as a trustworthy business. According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, 88% of consumers surveyed said “trust” is critical when deciding which brands to buy or use**. 

So, how will brands build that trust?

Firstly, they need to have an ethical business model that cannot be used against them. Respecting their workforce as much as they respect their customers is vital. They also need to acknowledge the world around them by commenting on issues, but equally showing they are actively helping to solve them.

These trends all have one common denominator; listening and recognising the lives of customers and what world issues in particular affect them. As world conflict continues and inflation rises, it’s important now more than ever that each PR agency acts on this. 

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*Global Marketing Trends Consumer Survey, 2021

**Edelman Trust Barometer, 2021