Our Ofgem campaign success continues with consultation announcement on hidden broker fees

Our campaigning work with client Box Power CIC has made national news this week with a further full-page story in The Guardian yesterday following the exclusive earlier this week.

But more importantly we are on course to achieve one of the campaign’s main policy change objectives with an announcement by Ofgem yesterday (Wednesday 26th July) that they are going to look into the rules surrounding the fees that energy brokers change their clients and bring long-overdue transparency into the marketplace. 

On course for a campaign win that will benefit charities, care homes and businesses

Oftgem has stated that it will ‘extend micro business protections to all businesses so energy bills spell out what is being paid to energy brokers plus allowing businesses to resolve disputes through a redress scheme.’

These words might sound quite inconsequential but the change they could lead to is seismic. Restaurants, hotels, pubs, charities, care homes and more could know for the first time what they are paying in broker fees – and be able to take action if they are being over-charged.

You can read the full Ofgem announcement here.

Media campaign helps makes the case for change

Our campaigning work with Box Power shows the value of a well-executed media campaign with clear objectives, as well as the value of working with partners to achieve policy goals. 

The joint media blitz with partners had been weeks in the planning and all kicked off with an exclusive in The Guardian at the start of the week, and snowballed from there. 

So far, we’ve secured 27 items of coverage and counting which has helped pile pressure on Ofgem to finally shift on this issue, which has been affecting charities, care homes and businesses around the country. 

This also shows that you don’t have to be a huge organisation to create policy change. Box Power CIC MD Corin Dalby had a very specific, technical change he wanted to see that he knew would make a huge difference.  Recognising the power of working with partners and speaking with one voice across different sectors a joint letter was organised which has had huge impact across trade and sector titles as well as in national press.

Earned media still has a vital role to play in integrated campaigning activity. We are proud that our work looks set to help make a difference to charities and health and care organisations across the UK.

Read our Ofgem blog from earlier this week as the campaign launched.