Sign up to our webinar on how charities can maximise their impact

We’re hosting our first webinar and it’s going to be a useful one for anyone who works with charities, hospices and not-for-profits. We at High-Rise are working together with our friends at Project Simply who have lots of experience to share.

The event will look into the cost-of-living crisis and making sure you maximise impact and engagement, making the most of every pound you spend. It will also include how to maximise fundraising income with a good look at getting people to donate on your website.

What will the event focus on?

In this event, you will learn:

🚀 How to quickly increase impact through your website and PR strategies
🚀 How to further equip yourselves to attract and manage donations
🚀 To produce amazing campaigns 10x faster
🚀 How to link to the news agenda to increase your impact
🚀 Why even local charities should be thinking about national media

The event takes place on the 10th May at 11am. It will take just an hour of your time and it’s completely free of charge.

For more details and to sign up visit the link here.

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