Dying Matters Awareness Week: supporting our hospice clients

This week is Hospice UK’s Dying Matters Awareness Week. This is celebrating the work that hospices do up and down the country. This year, the focus is on the language that healthcare professionals, patients and their families use around death and dying. Combatting the stigma around talking about death and dying has been taking place for a long time. Hopefully this awareness week will help shed light on more of these conversations.

There are many ways to get your hospice attention. This can include building relationships with journalists, getting media opportunities that leads to brilliant coverage, and much more.

Ashgate Hospice

We have been working with Ashgate Hospice for many years. Last month was a great month of coverage for them. Ashgate worked with Hospice UK to call on the government to help fund the rise in costs and to emphasise the financial strain that all hospices are facing.

Collaborating with a big organisation like Hospice UK who are the leading authority in the sector has boosted Ashgate Hospice’s reach and led to many more media opportunities.

This resulted in over 150 pieces of coverage for Ashgate, including mentions in many regional BBC Radio stations and one of Ashgate’s staff being interviewed on BBC Breakfast. We’re so glad to see Ashgate getting the recognition they deserve for their hard work and being a leading figure in the hospice sector.

St Ann’s Hospice

So far this year we have secured over 100 pieces of coverage for our hospice client St Ann’s Hospice. This is paired with over 200 engagements with these pieces and 2.41 million estimated views. This is all due to the brilliant stories that we are able to promote, working collaboratively with their in-house team.

This includes Tom who took on a skydive for St Ann’s in memory of his wife. Tom’s story received national attention in The Independent and many others. Sharing stories about the amazing supporters and fundraisers at your hospice may lead to some well-deserved attention that you may not have thought you’d get.

For instance, Ashgate Hospice are featuring on BBC News for the TikTok star ‘The Tattooed Knitter’ who is setting the world record for blanket knitting!

For more information about the services and support we provide to hospices, please see our page here.