High-Rise has joined Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter

We are excited to have recently joined the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter. I went along to one of the Share and Learn sessions which focused on Engagement & Voice this week.

This was a great session where like-minded individuals could share their experiences of working in different sectors. But, all of us had the common interest of the people we support in our workplaces. 

During the event there were discussions around improving employee engagement in a fast growing organisation. There were also conversations about how to ensure everyone’s voices are heard and welcome. We discussed what we’re doing with information passed on from employees to senior leadership. Also how to make sure this is listened to, learned from and actioned appropriately.

I really valued the opportunity to speak to so many people working for purposeful organisations across Greater Manchester. I’m looking forward to attending their next event!

High-Rise has joined the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter to understand how we can better our business, for those that work here and for our clients.

The Charter is the first of its kind in the UK, which aims to improve employment standards across Greater Manchester. We are among other employers leading the way in #GoodEmployment, and we are excited to see what developments we can make at High-Rise through the Charter.

We are committed to making a difference in our employees’ lives by elevating employment standards in the key characteristics covered in the Charter. This includes secure work, flexible work, real living wage, excellent people management, workplace engagement and voice, excellent recruitment and progression, and a healthy and productive workplace.

For more information on what we do at High-Rise and why we have become supporters of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter, please see here