GMYN team and attendees at the Visioning Day

Learning more about youth voice at GMYN’s Visioning Day

Engaging with our clients and learning more about what they are trying to achieve and the vision for their organisation is very important to us and helps us to achieve the best results.

Last month Ben and I attended Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN)’s ‘visioning day’ at GRUB. The day centred around bringing the employees, trustees and those with connections to the charity together. Celebrating what they have achieved so far and focussing on the charity’s current aims enabled us all to concentrate on how we can further support young people in Greater Manchester.

Highlights of the day

Different employees and programme leaders led sections of the day to explain the different support services the charity is offering to young people in Greater Manchester.

Chief Executive Alex Fairweather spoke on the history of GMYN, and the growth that the charity has seen since they started in 2007. It also highlighted the flexibility the charity has shown to cater for young people’s ever-changing needs. The expansion of programmes and areas that the charity are able to support young people in demonstrates the incredible success they’ve had so far, but how there is still a huge amount to do to support young people and ensure that they get the support they need. 

Youth Participation Lead Quina Chapman supports GMYN’s Youth Voice group. She spoke on the importance of the group, what they do and how to engage the young people in important decision-making that takes place across Greater Manchester. It was very insightful to see how young people are passionate about the issues in their communities and want to be part of the shaping change around them, which they can do with the help of this group.

Luke Wilson is the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Programme Lead. He spoke on the significance of the programme, the wide range of young people the programme supports and dispelling myths of who can or can’t fit into this group.

Talking about the success of the day, Alex Fairweather says: “It was a great day spending some quality time with our staff, trustees and High-Rise Communications as part of our visioning day. It was a chance to pause and reflect on GMYN’s history and tell the story of our programmes and impact so far.”

Our learnings about youth voice

We were thrilled to be included in the day and it was great to celebrate the charity’s achievements so far, and to see what their goals and aspirations are for the future. It was brilliant to make further connections with the team and to understand more thoroughly the positive impact we can have on young people in Greater Manchester. Spreading awareness of what we are doing as their communications team and engaging with everyone to see how we can help with their PR was a great way to connect.

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