James Moir, CEO of easyfundraising, smiling

National coverage success for easyfundraising as they speak out about Easy Life and their own lawsuit

We have been busy securing national media coverage for our client easyfundraising. This is linked to the indie band Easy Life which is also being sued for copyright infringement by easyGroup. 

easyfundraising have also been targeted by easyGroup. They are taking the charity shopping site to court next year over their ‘easy’ name. 

James Moir, CEO of easyfundraising, has been explaining to journalists including from The Times, BBC News, Sky News and The Guardian the impact this had on their organisation. Unlike Easy Life, they are going to costly lengths to retain their name. Easy Life are not fighting easyGroup due to how much money this would cost. The band performed their last concert under their name earlier this month.

What impact is this having on our client?

The Easy Life angle has been a useful opportunity for us. We have been raising awareness of the huge difference easyfundraising makes for local causes and larger charities. This coverage has been helpful in further boosting awareness of how via easyfundraising shoppers can donate to charity at no cost to them. Over £48 million has been donated to good causes since they launched in 2007. 

So far, we have secured 15 pieces of significant news coverage. CEO James Moir said to The Guardian: “We find the whole thing incredulous, because there is no crossover and no similarity whatsoever between what we’re doing and any member of easyGroup. 

“We’re ultimately trying to deliver a service here that helps charities, so we do feel it’s a bit mean. They’ve got much, much deeper pockets than us, and it feels like they’re doing absolutely everything they can to drag this out.” 

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