The importance of podcasting

At High-Rise, we recognise the increasing importance of podcasts as a great opportunity for brands and organisations to share their knowledge with an audience and amplify their message. This also provides a chance to highlight an issue and explore it in more detail. We have a podcast studio available at Huckletree, you can check it out here.

High-Rise’s podcast training session 

Last week, we attended a podcast training session with the award-winning Vic Turnbull. Vic founded MIC Media and Pods Up North. She recently won the Silver Grassroots Production Award at the Audio Production Awards 2022. It was great to hear about Vic’s experiences with podcasting and the amazing social impact organisations she’s helped along the way. 


Why your business should be thinking about starting one

Podcasts are a useful way of gaining knowledge in an easy and accessible way. All music streaming platforms share podcasts that can boost the knowledge you already have. Or, they are a simple way of picking up something new that can be listened to whenever is most convenient. 

In an increasingly mobile world, where people consume media on the go, this is a vital form of communicating with your audience. It’s a format that people are turning to over traditional ways of learning. They provide a voice and personality to a brand’s identity. This allows people to explore their own areas of interest in more depth. 

They are also a great way to get the message of your organisation across by providing detailed episodes on specific topics. By educating listeners on the information you are providing for them, a community of like-minded people form. Those who are interested in this common knowledge and want to develop this even more can come together.  

Podcasts are a great way to expand the community around your organisation and spread your message further. 

How we can help with your podcast!

There are many stages to producing a podcast, and we can help you with each of these. From pre-production and planning, through to recording, editing and distribution. Our experience allows us to help guide you through the process as you start on the journey of setting up your own. Understanding how important podcast making can be for an organisation is crucial as a new and upcoming way to promote your ideas.  

Get in touch to see how we can help with your organisation’s podcast production. 

To find out more about our podcast production services, click here.