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Centrepoint’s In Memory Giving Campaign

Centrepoint is a youth homelessness charity that does amazing work providing housing and support for young people aged 16-25 across the UK. 

When they approached us for creative and design support for their In Memory Giving campaign, where people can donate money in memory of a loved one, we knew we’d need to approach the challenge in a creative, but considered way.

Our Designer, Lisa Skadins, explains: 

‘In Memory Giving’ is a really thoughtful and caring way to remember a loved one. The donations received help to fund projects and services that help get the lives of vulnerable young people back on track, so it’s a powerful way to commemorate a loss and life. It can also be the start of a wonderful, long-lasting relationship with Centrepoint, where people often go on to fundraise with the charity every year in memory of the person that was close to them. 

Centrepoint were looking to raise awareness of In Memory Giving, particularly with the charity’s existing supporters, who may not know about this particular way of donating. 

The subject is a very sensitive one. I know personally what it’s like to lose a loved one, so I felt I could put myself in the position of the target audience and think about how I would feel if I came across the marketing materials myself. The Centrepoint team also had some great insights into the people who had donated before that they could share with us, which was really valuable when it came to approaching the design. 

As is often the case with creative design briefs like this, we needed to stick to Centrepoint’s brand guidelines, creating a distinct look for In Memory Giving whilst not straying too far from the Centrepoint identity. Luckily, this wasn’t a problem, as their guidelines had a secondary colour palette, enabling us to use a jade colour which worked really well with the primary orange and black brand colours. 

As the purpose of In Memory Giving is to celebrate and honour the memory of a loved one to help change lives for the better, we wanted the materials to be positive and inspirational, and not too sad. With this in mind, we worked with Centrepoint to choose positive imagery of young people along with a short and memorable line to appear on all of the materials: “A gift in memory changes lives and futures”. This hit just the right note, perfectly conveying  Centrepoint’s key message in just eight words. 

We created a suite of materials, including gift aid envelopes for collections, two thank you cards, social graphics, bookmarks and pin badges. The overall feel of the design of these materials is, I think, intentionally understated, simple yet effective, and fits perfectly with the subject matter. 

Finally, I have to say that the Centrepoint team were absolutely fantastic to work with. It was an education to hear what Centrepoint had to say. It is so important to work with the client, not just for the client. They know and understand their audience better than anyone and tapping into that wealth of knowledge is invaluable when approaching the creative design process. 

Read more about giving in memory of a loved one to Centrepoint here.

In Memory Giving: a considered design approach for a thoughtful and caring campaign.


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