campaign to raise £2million for their new build hospice
Public relations and media

Greater Manchester media launch success

St Ann’s Hospice

Securing funds for a critical new hospice building

St Ann’s Hospice is renowned for providing exceptional care to those with life-limiting illnesses across Greater Manchester. They embarked on a critical mission to raise £2 million for a new hospice building.

This effort had been part of a broader public appeal aimed at generating £21 million to enhance their facilities and improve patient care. The hospice faced the challenge of rallying public support and securing sufficient media coverage to drive their fundraising campaign to success.

Comprehensive media and stakeholder engagement

To support this campaign in the best way we could, we prepared a comprehensive strategy. This encompassed PR, media outreach, internal communications, and design support. Our approach included:

  • Event organisation: We planned and executed a high-profile media launch at the Heald Green site. Additionally, we invited key stakeholders such as architects, trustees, patients, and notable personalities as well.
  • Keynote presentations: Chief Executive Rachel Macmillan presented the new hospice building plans. Coronation Street actor Lee Boardman also shared his personal connection and advocacy for the campaign.
  • Media engagement: We secured significant media presence, including Granada Reports and BBC Radio Manchester, to cover the event and amplify the campaign’s message.
  • Personal stories: Arranging interviews with patients and their families allowed them to share their experiences. This highlighted the urgent need for the new building and its expected impact on their lives.
St Ann's media launch

Successful media coverage and public support

As a result of this, the media launch yielded impressive results, significantly boosting the hospice’s support and visibility:

  • Extensive media coverage:
    • Granada Reports featured interviews with Lee Boardman and his wife Jennifer, alongside patient stories, underscoring the campaign’s importance.
    • BBC Radio Manchester covered the event extensively, reaching approximately 473,000 listeners, raising awareness, and encouraging public donations.
  • Increased public engagement: The heartfelt stories and extensive media coverage inspired a surge in public interest and donations, propelling the campaign closer to its fundraising goals.
  • Enhanced fundraising prospects: The successful media launch set the stage for ongoing media coverage, ensuring sustained public attention and support for the new hospice Appeal.

The Build It Together Appeal continues to emphasise the necessity of the new hospice building, with the public’s help being crucial to achieving the £21 million target. 

To support St Ann’s Hospice and contribute to the campaign, visit their donation page and explore fundraising opportunities. 

To find out more about the media and communications support we provide to hospice’s, please see here.

St Ann's Hospice media launch
Working with the High-Rise team has been a fantastic experience, the team listen to our needs, suggest creative approaches and constantly strive for opportunities to keep our profile high.
Anne-Marie Wynne, Head of Fundraising and Capital Campaign
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