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What’s a battle rhythm and why it is important for communications in a crisis?

If you’ve ever worked in an emergency response situation or as part of an emergency response exercise you’ll have heard terms like ‘war room’, ‘battle rhythm’ and ‘command and control’ being used. In a fast-moving situation – where new information and situations are emerging all the time – knowing who is responsible for doing what […]

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Hospice Communications

If we’re thinking about what organisations are on the frontline for the coronavirus outbreak then we should be talking about hospices. Not only do hospices provide end of life care for people with weakened immune systems – many of whom have complex needs – but they also rely on fundraising to keep going. Donations to […]

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Working with Centrepoint on the charity’s In Memory Giving campaign

We’ve been working with Centrepoint, a youth homelessness charity which does amazing work across the UK, since last August. When they approached us for help designing materials for their In Memory Giving campaign, where people can donate money in memory of a loved one, we knew we’d need to approach the challenge in a creative, […]

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Done well, a media interview can give you great press coverage, improving brand perception or mitigating a crisis. But handled badly, that media exposure could have a negative impact on your reputation. Even the most sure-footed spokesman can bomb an interview if they haven’t planned properly. This is where media training comes in. What is […]

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How not to break bad news to your staff

When it comes to change communications remember: people won’t remember what you said or what you did, but they will remember how you made them feel Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the lasts few weeks, chances are, you caught the news that BBC Two’s ‘The Victoria Derbyshire Show’ has been axed. While […]

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