PR campaigns with a difference

If you are looking to make a difference for people, the planet, or your local community through your work, we can help you with PR campaigns.

Our campaigning work is award-winning. Over the past seven years, we’ve made a difference to people and communities through our campaigns. Our campaigning has spanned across many organisations. We have worked with the People’s Powerhouse movement to give people local to ourselves in the North of England more say over the decisions that affect their lives. We have also supported a high-profile campaign to get a hospice the funding needed to safeguard jobs.

Encouraging our purposeful clients to think big when it comes to impact is important to us. Whether that’s supporting the UK’s only philanthropic energy broker to give almost £1million to charity. Or, working with the UK’s leading used car retailer CarShop to make a difference in the local communities. We also recently supported a campaign from one of our clients, calling for OFGEM to investigate the transparency of energy broker fees. The campaign was co-signed by 8 organisations. This has resulted in OFGEM releasing an official statement agreeing to a consultation for proposed changes.

Getting you noticed with the right audiences

Our campaigning work is purposeful. That means we won’t get you attention, coverage or backlinks where it is of no use to you. We will work with you to identify your target audiences, and then reach them in the most appropriate and creative way.

From a high-profile media partnership, to commissioning research that will generate news headlines. Above all, we deliver creative and compelling PR campaigns that work.