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Media Training

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High-Rise Communications offers top quality media training courses for your staff team, so they are well prepared and confident ahead of media interviews. We have vast amounts of experience delivering media training to companies large and small, and always tailor our media training according to the needs of your organisation and the sector you are working in. Media training can be conducted in our boardroom facility at the Bonded Warehouse in central Manchester or at your own company offices if preferred.

Media Training Greater Manchester

Do my staff need media training?

For many companies it makes sense to invest in media training ahead of any major PR launch or campaign. However, it is also important to think about media training so you are prepared if your organisation suddenly finds itself dealing with the media when it didn’t expect to. For example, for companies working in the property and construction industry this could be due to a health and safety incident at work. Media training should be an integral part of your company’s crisis management plans and it can be worthwhile having a number of trained company spokespeople rather than relying on just one person with media skills who could be away on leave or out of the country at the time they are needed.

What does the media training cover?

We like to ensure our media training is as realistic as possible so our media training is delivered by two people: a media trainer and an experienced broadcast camera operator.  Media training is usually either a half day or full session and can be delivered to a maximum of eight people to ensure everyone gets enough media practice during the day. We practice both live and pre-record radio and TV scenarios and explain the differences between preparing for print, radio, TV and online interviews. Following the training, all delegates receive a personal link to their own recorded TV interviews as well as a copy of the media handout we worked through on the day.

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