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The People’s Powerhouse work to bring people of the North together to discuss, explore, share and celebrate amazing grassroots organisations in the North.

At High-Rise communications we are proud to have supported this movement since its inception and have provided communications support for three People’s Powerhouse conventions.

The movement’s third convention at Sunderland’s ‘Beacon Of Light’ emphasised the importance of arts and culture in fostering strong and thriving communities, something we are very passionate about at High-Rise.

Challenge – Highlighting arts and culture in community building

The main challenge was to highlight the often-overlooked value of arts and culture in community building and to gain significant media attention for the People’s Powerhouse convention amidst a busy news day that included the leaders’ debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson.

Our approach – Media engagement and strategic partnerships

We secured coverage on BBC Radio Newcastle to spotlight the role of local young musician Faye Fantarrow in welcoming attendees.This media attention highlighted the significance of cultural contributions in community building. 

In addition, as avid readers and supporters of Tortoise, a news outlet known for its in-depth exploration of issues, we facilitated a connection between Tortoise and the People’s Powerhouse. This collaboration resulted in Tortoise hosting two ‘think-ins’ at the convention, focusing on engaging and connecting people outside the London media bubble. This partnership is set to continue, enhancing the reach and impact of both organisations.

Results & Impact – Extensive media coverage and ongoing partnerships

The media response was overwhelmingly positive, achieving coverage across prominent outlets such as BBC Radio Newcastle, ITV Tyne Tees, Tortoise, and the Sunderland Echo. 

The MJ featured a comment piece about the movement by Tracy Fishwick, as did the Financial Times.

BBC Radio Newcastle provided coverage on their drivetime show and breakfast show, and BBC Radio Lancashire aired an interview with Tracy Fishwick and young attendees.

This extensive media presence not only highlighted the event’s success but also reinforced the crucial role of arts and culture in community development.

If you are planning to host or attend an event, and would like PR and communications support to take it to the next level, then please reach out.

The expertise and knowledge that High-Rise provide is incredibly valuable, and is applied with enthusiasm, creativity, insight and dedication. Don’t hesitate to work with High-Rise.
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