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An incredible story told on Desert Island Discs

Dr Waheed Arian

We are proud to be working with Dr Waheed Arian. We are raising his profile as a mental health commentator, ahead of the launch of his new mental health venture later this year.

Waheed is a high profile A&E doctor in the NHS and refugee from Afghanistan. The paperback version of his book ‘In The Wars’ was released in June 2022. This tells his incredible story of growing up in Kabul, fleeing to Pakistan and how eventually his family put all their hope in him leaving Afghanistan and making it to the UK. 

Coverage for our client

We were delighted to secure an interview on Desert Island Discs for Waheed. This was broadcast in early October 2022. During his chat with presenter Lauren Laverne he spoke about many topics. For instance, losing his childhood to trauma and conflict at an early age. Why he was inspired to become a doctor and how he managed to make it to the UK. And finally, how he realised his dream of studying medicine and becoming an A&E doctor.

This is all set against the backdrop of the songs that soundtracked the key moments in his life. These included the theme from Rocky and Lose Yourself from Eminem

“Even at the age of 5 my father said if anything happened to him that I would be looking after the family. That’s from age 5 and from then onwards I lost my childhood in a way. I became an adult and I had to think on my feet.”

The impact from Desert Island Discs

It was lovely to see some of the comments that Waheed received on the back of his interview. These include Lauren Laverne and Sabir Zazai.

Whenever we share people’s stories, we are always very sensitive to the impact that this can have on them. Waheed says after telling his story, it can take a day or more to get over it.

Waheed hopes that by sharing his incredible story he can encourage more people to show compassion and empathy. He continues to does this in his work as an A&E doctor and as a high profile humanitarian.

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Dr Waheed Arian

An incredible story told on Desert Island Discs

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