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Strategic communications for a market-disrupting IFA tackling the climate crisis

Path Financial

We have worked with Path Financial since the company’s inception. With our help, it is shaking up the investment market. This has included high-profile award wins and the attention of national press (and investors).

Disrupting the market and tackling the climate crisis

Ground-breaking and revolutionary, Path Financial is the first financial advisory firm in the UK set up specifically to tackle the climate crisis. They do this by investing in environmentally focussed, sustainable companies and funds.

Looking to PR as an avenue to help them gain credibility, Path Financial has been working with High-Rise since October 2019. Not wanting to ‘go local’ when it came to coverage, the company set out to establish itself as a major player in the financial field. This is highlighting its key green credentials on a national level through major news sources. 

What we did

Tapping into the conversation of ‘going green’ and the climate crisis became the focus for our PR push.

We worked on developing a campaign to communicate the company’s radical goals to:

  • Change consumer behaviour to think about their finances in line with greener values 
  • Revolutionise savings by pioneering a kinder way of investing
  • Boldly changing the landscape of the sector to put people and the planet before profit

By working with Path Financial from the very beginning, we were able to shape the press strategy from the get-go. We are focusing on the mission statement and establishing clear, ambitious goals. This allowed us to tap into the public subconscious and shape the conversation that was happening around what Path Financial was offering. We then were able to provide relevant, valuable PR that delivered.

Through this campaign, we targeted: 

  • Sector press: to champion Path Financial’s positive impact investment model to the finance community while working to recruit new financial advisers.
  • Nationwide consumer press: to achieve broad exposure, inform the wider public who are seeking greener ways of living and reach new investor clients.

Alongside this, we created website content, PR materials, an authoritative, radical tone of voice, plus key green and finance messaging.

Path Financial
Path Financial: a ground-breaking financial firm with purpose.
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What was achieved?

Everything aligned with the company’s core values perfectly. This helps to drive the campaign as we identified relevant, trend-setting news hooks that linked Path Financial’s activities to current issues.

This led to immediate results for the business in all aspects of media relations and PR. We secured coverage in comment pieces, news, features, profiles, interviews and podcasts.

Within a matter of months, the profile of the business has successfully risen. This is helping to establish Path Financial as a national brand – and a leading disruptor voice of sustainability. 

More importantly, it has helped to drive a wealth of enquiries and leads from both investors and consumers. This demonstrates how PR, when done the right way, can lead to more than your business being mentioned in the local newspaper.

The campaign saw coverage across key target publications, including FT Adviser, The i, The Guardian , Change Incorporated, Yahoo, City Wire, Insider Media, Money Marketing Magazine and International Adviser. The piece in The Guardian itself led to 62 new consultation requests and 100 newsletter sign-ups within a day.

As you can see, when it comes to PR, it can bring real weight and value to your business. This not only helps to get your name known but secures valuable coverage and an increase in business.

Strong relationships with local and national media outlets and publications can get your story heard. If you would like to speak to High-Rise about how we can raise your business profile, then please do reach out.

High-Rise do an outstanding job for us. They’ve been our agency from the beginning and we couldn’t have made a better choice. Lovely people, doing an amazing job, who are true to their values
Ashley Bell, Managing Director
Path Financial
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