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Dr. Waheed Arian

Challenge – How to amplify a story of resilience  

Dr Waheed Arian, a prominent A&E doctor in the NHS and a refugee from Afghanistan, sought to raise his profile as a mental health commentator ahead of his new mental health venture.  

His journey, chronicled in his book ‘In The Wars’ portrays the remarkable story of growing up in Kabul, fleeing to Pakistan and his family’s unwavering hope in his journey to the UK. 

Our Approach – securing the spotlight this story deserves  

Collaborating with Waheed, we aimed to elevate his visibility by securing an interview on the prestigious radio program Desert Island Discs. The interview, broadcast in in early October 2022, providing a platform for Waheed to share his poignant story with presenter Lauren Laverne.  

He recounted his childhood marked by conflict and trauma, his determination to pursue medicine along and the arduous journey that led him to become an A&E doctor. Against the backdrop of these key life moments, he highlighted the significance of tongs like the theme from Rocky and ‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem.  

“Even at the age of 5, my father said if anything happened to him that I would be looking after the family. That’s from age 5 and from then onwards I lost my childhood in a way. I became an adult and I had to think on my feet”.  

Impact  – Inspiring compassion  

Dr Arian’s appearance on Desert Island Discs not only amplified his voice as a mental health advocate, but also shed light on the resilience and courage of refugees. His story serves as a reminder on the importance of empathy and understanding in navigating life’s challenges.  

Huamn rights activist Sabir Zazai reposted the podcast, sharing Waheed as “a shining example of what happens when we truly welcome those seeking sanctuary.”  

High-Rise dedicated to elevating stories like this with sensitivity and respect. Waheed hopes that by sharing his incredible story he can also encourage others to show compassion. He continues to practice this in his work as an A&E doctor and high profile humanitarian.  

If you would like to speak to High-Rise about how we can raise your media profile, please do reach out.

Dr. Waheed Arian is a shining example of what happens when we truly welcome those seeking sanctuary
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