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The not-so ‘easy’ battle


The not-so ‘easy’ battle

easyfundraising are an online giving platform who have raised over £50 million for charities and causes since they launched in 2007.

We’ve been working with easyfundraising for over a year. In this time, we have secured over 550 pieces of coverage with 27.8 million views. This has significantly shown the success of the platform and has promoted it further.

However, easyfundraising are currently preparing to fight their case in a legal battle with easyGroup. They are accusing our client of stealing their ‘easy’ name and are taking them to court over this.

There have been many other victims of this claim, with Easy Life having to drop their name after not being able to compete with easyGroup.

Speaking out

James Moir, CEO of easyfundraising, spoke on BBC Radio 2 with Jeremy Vine and was interviewed by Sky News. James announced that easyfundraising are not backing down from easyGroup who are trying to sue them for copyright infringement.

We secured further pieces of coverage in the charity sector. This was after many saw the unfair treatment of easyfundraising who have raised millions for grassroots causes and charities.

Features in Charity Times, Civil Society and Third Sector show that many others are astounded by easyGroup’s claim of copyright enfringement. This coverage in the charity sector is helping to boost easyfundraising’s awareness and audience.

Speaking to Third Sector, James says: ““We do not believe that the business has infringed EasyGroup’s brand. 

“We do not accept that these opportunistic allegations have any prospect of success and will vigorously defend our position in court.” 

National attention for our client

Further press opportunities have been secured in BBC News, The Guardian and BBC Radio West Midlands; consolidating easyfundraising’s defence and highlighting the unfair nature of the claim.

This week, James spoke to Alistair Osborne, Chief Business Commentator of The Times. This led to an indepth piece accusing easyGroup’s Founder of “bringing ludicrous claims over the ‘easy’ name”.

As a result of these pieces and more, we have secured over 2.28 million views and listens from this coverage. There will be more published about easyfundraising when they go to court later this year to fight easyGroup’s claims.

The charity donation platform will continue to argue their case and raise money for charities and causes that need their support.

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The not-so ‘easy’ battle

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