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The not-so ‘easy’ battle


Our client easyfundraising is currently facing a legal battle from easyGroup over the use of the “easy” name. This legal challenge threatens the reputation and operations of easyfundraising, as easyGroup accuses them of copyright infringement.

The challenge poses a significant threat to easyfundraising’s brand identity. This also impacts their ability to continue supporting charities and causes through their platform. 

The situation is exacerbated by the case of Easy Life, another entity that easyGroup has gone after for not relinquishing their name. This highlights the seriousness of the legal threat and spurring easyfundraising to address their ongoing court case.

Our approach – defending reputation through strategic engagement

In response to the legal challenge, our team is taking proactive measures to defend easyfundraising’s reputation and raise awareness of the unfair nature of the claim. 

We strategically engaged with media outlets to highlight the positive impact easyfundraising has had on grassroots causes and charities. Drawing attention to the case of Easy Life, which faced similar legal pressure from easyGroup, we are emphasising the importance of easyfundraising’s ongoing court case. Further to this, the broader implications for businesses using the “easy” name. 

We secured interviews and coverage with key media platforms, including BBC Radio 2, Sky News, Charity Times, Civil Society, and Third Sector, to amplify easyfundraising’s voice and garner support from the public and charity sector.

Speaking to Third Sector, James says: ““We do not believe that the business has infringed EasyGroup’s brand. We do not accept that these opportunistic allegations have any prospect of success and will vigorously defend our position in court.”

Impact – media coverage strengthens easyfundraising’s position

Despite the legal challenges, our efforts from working with easyfundraising over the past year are resulting in significant media coverage. We have secured over 550 pieces, reaching 27.8 million views. 

This extensive coverage not only showcases the success of the platform but also brings attention to the unjust nature of easyGroup’s claims. 

The national attention garnered through interviews with BBC News, The Guardian, and BBC Radio West Midlands further consolidates easyfundraising’s defence. This highlights the importance of their work in supporting charitable causes. 

With over 2.28 million views and listens from this coverage around Easy Life, our efforts are helping bolster easyfundraising’s reputation. We are also raising awareness about their ongoing legal battle. 

As easyfundraising continues to fight their case in court, they remain committed to their mission of supporting charities and causes in need.

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