High-Rise highest hitters: Our most popular and insightful blog posts

When writing blog posts, it’s very easy to get bogged down into the routine of doing it without taking a step back to refocus and get a sense of what is proving the most valuable to people who read them. In order to make sure our content is as insightful and useful as possible, we recently reviewed the High-Rise content strategy.

We found that some of the blog posts performed far better than others, and this post will help give people a brief, concise introduction into the type of work that we do. A lot of people think of PR as writing press releases and arranging interviews, but as an integrated communications agency, our work goes far beyond that.

What we found was very interesting. Our best performing posts were those that latched onto innovation, new trends and framed them in a PR and communications context. The nature of our work is very fast-paced and always evolving, so this didn’t come as a surprise.

It’s been a great exercise putting this list together, and I hope you find it useful!

The importance of podcasting

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A podcast studio in our office

One of our most popular pieces so far this year has been on the topic of podcasting. Podcasting is a massive industry, with over 464 million listeners worldwide in 2022, and 21.2 million listeners in the UK in the same period. Increasingly, podcasting is being used as a means for organisations to convey their message, so this is an area we are expanding into, both reaching out for guest appearances for our client’s on podcasts and offering podcast production services for client’s who wish to start their own.

chatGPT: We got the latest AI chatbot upstart to write about its effect on Digital PR

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AI is taking over the world!

Like many people, us at High-Rise have been keeping a very close eye on the emergence of new tech, and in particular AI. As is the case with most new technologies (see blockchain), the period after new technology is made readily-available is filled with confusion, as people scramble to work out how best to use it and whether they should (while also worrying if it’s going to take their jobs!).

We tested chatGPT by asking it to write a blog post on how it would affect digital PR. The reasons for this were two-fold;

  1. To see how detailed and useful it’s responses were.
  2. To see if we could pick up any tips as amateurs to this new tech!

While the initial hype seems to have slowed down slightly, there’s no arguing that AI is here to stay. At High-Rise we’re committed to embrace technology in order to be more time-efficient, so that we can deliver better results for our clients and to best utilise our creative capacities.

Reputation management – the tips you need to know to navigate your way out of a crisis

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Reputation management is often a grey area that a lot of organisations don’t know about until they need it. At High-Rise, one of our main areas of expertise is reputation management. Managing Director Helen Furnivall worked for years at the British Red Cross, and her experience has proven vital in advising organisations on their reputation management and crisis communications.

This page has proven extremely popular, garnering the most page views across the whole year. This proves that, while current and trending topics will always resonate and create spikes in web views, solid, insightful content will always perform well. I hope you find it useful if you find yourself in a crisis!

What we learned from filming vox pops for a national charity

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Another popular post that highlights some of the different work we do was surrounding a vox pop that we organised for one of our clients, advocacy charity POhWER. They were campaigning against the government’s proposed changes to the Human Rights Act.

Vox pops can be complex, and their value isn’t easily measured, so our blog post delved into the do’s and dont’s to make sure people can get the most out of them.

Charity PR client sees new campaign go live across Manchester City centre 

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Our recent most popular post was in relation to our work with our client Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN) on a campaign to bring in business support. In December last year, we reached out to JCDecaux in regards to their CommunityChannel initiative, where they partner with charities to help amplify their message by means of their billboards.

We worked closely with the young people that GMYN work with on this. They were involved at every step of the process, from the messaging and themes, through to taking part in the photoshoot and appearing in the graphics.

With Manchester City Council’s approval, the campaign has just launched and will see their messaging broadcast across Manchester City Centre, to 86 digital billboards and numerous big, roadside boards, culminating in a business engagement event in November.

To summarise…

Taking a look back at the work we’ve done, impact we’ve made and insight we’ve given people has been an extremely rewarding process. By taking the time to learn what has resonated and what hasn’t, we can continue to hopefully provide value to anybody who takes the time to read what we post.

On top of this, we are also running regular audio events and webinars on LinkedIn, which dive deeper on topics that people want to know about, bringing in guests from our network to make our events as useful as possible.

Keep up to date with our upcoming events and sign-up to attend here.

We hope you continue to learn from our posts and events, and if there are any suggestions for things you’d like to know more about or you just want to say Hi, reach out via our contact page.