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Digital PR: Campaign on the cost of living and fuel

Kingdom Systems

The rising cost of living is putting a squeeze on household budgets. Millions are facing increasing prices in the shops, on their bills and at the pumps.

Crooks are looking to cash in on people so they can make some money out of the crisis too. That prompted a digital PR campaign for our client. This highlighted the need for businesses to protect against this kind of theft.

Linking to the news agenda

Earlier this year, the Government outlined plans to alter what sectors could access red diesel. Essentially, this fuel gets to the sectors at a discounted rate, but it is no different to normal diesel; it merely has red dye in it.

Now, here’s the interesting part. Because red diesel has red dye in it, the fuel can be traced. That means if it’s stolen, you should be able to detect who has used it and in what capacity.

But with the cost-of-living crisis and the phasing out of red diesel, our client became concerned thieves may attempt to steal the diesel. Then, sell it on at inflated prices to consumers who were struggling to access fuel because of the prices and pressures on supplies. And that’s where our PR campaign came in.

We crafted a digital PR campaign with Kingdom Systems after they highlighted changes to red diesel rules.

One of the big drivers of this campaign was increasing web traffic for our client. So, we aimed to secure as much coverage as possible. So, what were the results of our digital PR campaign?

Digital PR that works

We secured 47 pieces of coverage, across national and regional media. The company saw a 67 percent increase in web traffic over the month we sent out the release too.

The SunDaily MirrorDaily Express as well as Birmingham Live all covered the story, as well as a number of other media outlets.

The piece featured on the homepage of many websites and was put out on social media channels, too. 

What’s more the client reported a huge increase in web traffic month-on-month which they said was down to our PR campaign.

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